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We create innovative shapes and solutions.

The entrance area is interpreted as an integral part of an architecture and its surrounding environment: according to Oikos this concept translates into the words “entrance architectures”.

We create innovative shapes and solutions, looking for and applying materials and colors in line with the latest trends of décor, in order to make the entrance area a part of a wider whole.

Exploring Oikos reality, its projects, believing in the company core values and creating through its infinite possibilities, means customizing by giving personality to the entrance architecture in order to complete the whole living context. It’s not a simple philosophy, but an itinerary to do together that brings to the realization of true concrete projects. Our world has no limits, such as creativity.



Going beyond the imagination, overcoming the limits imposed by the conventions, giving space to the creativity: only in this way we can design individual and customized projects in terms of dimensions, finishes and details. The experience, the know-how and the passion guide our minds and our hands giving birth to your idea of entrance architecture. Because a world without limits is a world that has to be invented.  No Limits means also a great freedom in terms of sizes: design skill, performing pivoting opening mechanisms and cutting-edge technologies allow us to expand in height and width. Together we can go beyond the limits to achieve new goals, to show that everything is possible, to give an added value to every idea.

Exploring the world of materials means going deeply into its infinite possibilities: the naturalness of wood, the elegance of marble, the versatility of ceramic, the transparency of glass or the tactile effect of leather. Different types, colors and materials become the main characters of the entrance architectures and, in their specificity, they create a complete sensory experience, both from a visual and a tactile point of view.