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Creating a collection of products in which “experience and craftsmanship” allow for creating a unique style.

Passion, love for the land and a strong attachment to values have allowed the owners of HenryGlass to create a collection of products in which “experience and craftsmanship” allow for creating a unique style with attention to detail and creativity.

The HenryGlass added value consists of flexible systems, numerous finishes in which glass is the protagonist and a “Made in Italy” production that allows real customised solutions for seamless integration in each area.

History, passion, talent and professionalism are the cornerstones of our company, values that make our products symbols of the Made in Italy label, which for us is a real mission: to create exclusive and quality products, made entirely in Italy, an inimitable and unique experience in the world.



A system of partition walls that are ideal for designing contemporary environments that make the glass the protagonist thanks to sophisticated technical features and an overall minimal impact.

Swing doors or pivot doors, combined with fixed glass, design the space in linear or more dynamic compositions and constitute a unique opportunity to imagine spaces by fitting into their volumes and geometries.

A customisable design with many configurations, both in terms of the layout of the partition wall, exploiting the various opening choices, and in terms of the effect of the glass, which can be more or less opaque, extralight or coloured, including with various types of decoration.

The Cube frame is an essential component in this partition system since it is the main connecting element between the doors and the fixed walls.