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Doors are not simple objects to us, but made-to-measure creations.

Bertolotto Porte, an all Italian company founded in 1987, is now a world leader in the design and manufacturing of security doors, interior doors and storage solutions. The finest raw materials, exclusive models, the talent and skills of specialized craftsmen and the use of cutting edge technology characterize Bertolotto doors.

Our doors are all of the highest quality and boast original, identifiable design and the sought-after ‘Made in Italy’ brand since they are entirely produced in our country. We work with constant passion to create new decorations and models, each one distinct and made with an attention to detail that contributes style and elegance to every design. We pay the utmost attention to the needs and expectations of our clients and we are committed to our customer service.

Doors are not simple objects to us, but made-to-measure creations: we want to create an excellent product that becomes part of daily life. Bertolotto doors are for people who choose to surround themselves with beautiful things and furnish their homes with objects capable of expressing timeless values. We believe in what we do, we couple tradition with innovation and our work respects the environment, which is guaranteed with our brand.


Veneer Doors

Why choose a door made of wood? Choosing this type of door has its undeniable benefits. We have pinpointed 3 of them:

natural appeal: This is an eco-friendly choice, as it were, but only if the raw material has a certain and certified origin and if the processing takes place with respect for mankind and the environment. Here at Bertolotto, we are committed to this, since our sophisticated production processes are responsible, with a low environmental impact as well as ethical. This is demonstrated by the many certifications we have achieved. Moreover, our wood is sourced from responsibly managed forests and the raw materials we select have low formaldehyde emissions;

high styling value: the wooden finish lends the surroundings warmth, making them even more welcoming. The endless surface customisation possibilities, thanks to the lacquering, the engravings, the decorations, the finishes and the “bespoke” options mean every setting can truly be unique. Our models are in fact conceived for a clientèle wishing to surround themselves with long-lasting, attractive and exclusive items of interior décor, capable of enhancing the value of their home;

outstanding quality in terms of hard-wearing resistance, stability, and thermal and acoustic insulation. All these factors increase indoor comfort, improving the well-being of the home’s occupants.